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8th-Apr-2008 05:27 pm(no subject)
The first time Nathan saw Roselie, he didn't make too much of it. His mind was wandering, and her face was in a book, reading the pages as quickly as he could. The slight whir and clank of the elevator was a comfortable background noise, not too disturbing, just enough so that other noises, words weren't craved. They had rooms on the same floor, which wasn't that surprising, given the size of the hotel.

The second time he saw her, it was before noon a few days later. She was sitting at a small table by the window, a stack of books across from her. A surprisingly down home late breakfast was in front of her, the kind of cooking that Sawyer, Morgan, and Bryony would often crave and look for in California. Biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak, grits and potatoes.

The third time, she actually spoke to him. Of course, it wasn't anything more than an 'excuse me'. That was when he actually had to look at her and murmur something back.

That was a mistake in itself.
21st-Mar-2008 10:04 pm - rsvp
"....I'm going to fucking kill you."

Kelly's hands had untwisted themselves from his shirt, and were finding themselves curled around Logan's neck. She shook him, and scrambled up so that she was sitting on his lower stomach. She was scowling, her eyes a dark green and her cheeks a bright strawberry pink.


Logan only grinned at her, and gently poked her barely showing tummy.

"There's always this weekend in Vegas, Kitten. We'll get married twice. One legally, for now...a big, family one later once the bun is done cooking."

She was still cranky as she climbed off his lap, and curled back up against his chest. He kissed her forehead, and laughed at her voilatile temper. She hmphed, and pouted against his shirt.

"Vegas is okay, I guess. If I see one Elvis impersonator, its off. I refuse to be married by a fake, supposed king of rock and roll."

She was rewarded by a slight tug at her hair, and a muttered 'brat'.

"Don't start, you cocksucker. Getting married is supposed to be the best, well, for me, second best day of my life. I'm entitled to be a bridezilla if I want."

He shrugged and wrapped his arms around her, oddly curious.

"Getting married to me is only the second best? Then tell me, Kitten. What was the best day of your cranky life?"

Another lopsided grin spread across his face, as she faintly mumbled.

"Cussing you out in the hotel lobby for the first time."
21st-Mar-2008 09:27 pm - rsvp
"So tell me, Douchefag mine. Why are you here a day early?"

Logan snickered and nuzzled his face against her hair again, lazily twisting a few locks of waves around his fingers. The soft scents of gentle shampoo and light soap hit his nose, putting him a cozy stupor. He grinned, and just pulled her closer.

"I'm hurt, Kitten. Don't you want me here?"

"No shit I want and or need you here, Sherlock. Still wanna know why you had to go and make me faint like that."

She wasn't complaining. Maybe at fainting like a sissy la-la of old, but not at him in her corner of hell. She pushed at him a little, making him lay on his back, rather than his side. She inched closer and used his broad chest as her pillow, happily clinging to his shirt. Her eyes closed, and the slightest of contented purrs could be heard.

"Well, Kitten. I'm a man of my word. And think back to when I found you crying on that damned rickety pier."

He grinned as she frowned, clearly struggling to think. She chewed at her lower lip, making little hmm like noises. She eventually shrugged, and just kept snuggling silently. Her mind had shut down completely. She was far too comfortable and just plain happy to even attempt thinking, let alone remembering back that far.

"I told you, that when I came back for you, it would be for keeps."

The frown deepened, a confused look slowly stealing over her face. He just smirked and nipped her ear lightly, before continuing.

"And as much as I love the sound of the name "Kelly Elizabeth Paxton"....I think that Kelly Elizabeth Kane sounds much, much better."
19th-Mar-2008 08:14 pm - rsvp
The little piece of paper fell from Logan's hands, as his mind utterly shut down for what would be one of the longest minutes of Kelly's life. She didn't say a thing as she unbuckled her mary janes and tossed them in the red bucket in her closet that held her shoes. The clunks seemed to not bother Logan.

If anything, they were just louder versions of the clicking in his mind, as the gears started to churn again. A huge, lopsided grin spread from ear to ear as he crossed the room in two steps before scooping Kelly up and spinning her. All that was going through his head was "BABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABY" over and over again as the room spun.

"Hey! Put me down! Seriously...fucking Logan! I'm gonna be sick!"

Kelly had one hand clasped tightly over her mouth, and her eyes were clenched shut as the waves of nausea pelted her with each circle. He blinked and put her down on her feet, laughing as she stumbled towards her bathroom. She couldn't walk straight if her life depended on it, and her skin was an odd shade of green. He winced as she kicked the door shut, and the sounds of her stomach emptying once again were barely muffled.

The toilet flushed, but she didn't come out. Logan went to the small bathroom and poked his head in, to see her still on her knees- her body shaking, little sniffles and bitten back sobs trying to make themselves heard.

"I-I was so fucking worried about how you'd take it...and it was so damned hard to not tell you sooner...I couldn't do it over the phone..."

Logan sighed and pulled her up off the cold floor, grinning as she clung to him like a little girl. He awkwardly walked with her not helping him move them both to her bed, and put her underneath the covers before crawling in next to her. The full sized bed was just large enough for them to snuggle close, but too small for much anything else.

The grin faded just slightly, as he stroked the thick mess of black waves. "Tell me everything you know, then. Gender. Due date. Doctors. Etc."

She punched his left arm, pouting against his shirt and growling slightly. "Thats for making me nauseous around chocolate.

"We can find out if its a boy or a girl in about another month or so. The rugrat will be born in late September or early October...It was when I went to see you in Boston for Christmas, when you knocked me up. You freak, with your ninja-ness. I was on birth control and everything, too.

"And trust me. My doctor is now my third speed dial on my phone, after your cell and apartment. I have no desire to end up like Astrid or like my fertility treatment happy mother. That was how she ended up having so damn many sets of twins. The only singles she had were Alex, Ella, and Dani. And even then, we're all so close in age that we may as well be Irish twins or something."

He frowned at the mention of Astrid. It had taken her over a month to be able to walk right on her own after the eclampsic seizures addled her brain. Her stupidity in not having prenatal care was what almost cost her and the baby their lives. But even he had to admit he probably would have chosen to risk it, if he had an abusive ex who would go apeshit over a baby.

"Kitten...You do realize that I wanna tie you to the bed so you can't get hurt, sick, or have anything bad happen to you, right?"

"I should tie YOU to the bed! You think I'm gonna let you touch me for the next six months? The thought of cock right now is enough to make me run away, screaming 'DO NOT WANT' at the top of my lungs."

Logan couldn't help but hug her tighter, laughing against the crown of her head.
8th-Mar-2008 09:06 am - rsvp
Logan had ran around from the back of the Paxton house to their long driveway. A little speedy car was parked next to his, and he could see a pair of clunky cat faced mary janes from behind the tires of his own. He couldn't help but pause for a moment to let his heart restart before running to Kelly and kneeling beside her.

She had crumpled to the ground, laying on her side with her thick hair falling in a crash of waves covering her face. She had on one of his missing shirts- a dark blue one that he had particularly liked, with an old and frayed denim miniskirt, capri length leggings underneath. A completely tame outfit, but one he liked on her nonetheless.

He scooped her up and carried her bridal style, blinking slightly. Has she finally been eating more?
Logan wasn't complaining- he'd been getting on her to at least put on a small handful of pounds, so that she was at the bare minimum healthy weight for her five feet, seven inches. She always would make faces at him or flip him off, and would say that she was perfectly happy as is.

Logan grinned as he carried her upstairs at what he saw. Each door had the names of the kids inside, hand painted and assembled in wooden letters. "Well, if you've got that many kids...shit, makes sense..." He went down the long hall, stepping over a fat and lazy tabby cat with extra toes to get to the last room on the back side of the house. She didn't have to share with anyone anymore, and the door was slightly open.

It was a surprisingly clean room, simple and cozy. A fullsized bed was along the wall with the door, dark blue comforter messily rumpled and tossed on top, as though she had kicked it off during the night. A desk with a pink laptop was underneath the large window overlooking the back yard. A small vanity was next to the bed, with assorted makeup and beauty products. Her closet doors were open, showing that she actually kept her dresser inside it. Her tv, dvd player, and gamecube were mounted in one of the corners, with two wireless controllers and remotes in a basket on the desk...with a stack of letters and cards next to it.

Each one was in its envelope, carefully tied together with a length of ribbon. Flowers were pressed between two clear boxes, bright irises and sunny daffodils. Her favorites. Little delivery cards were still inside, with his own handwriting.

He set her down carefully on her bed, taking off her shoes incase she flat out decided to nap right after coming to. He pulled out the wooden chair, and looked through the letters. Some were permenently creased from how many times she read them. Others were covered in little discolored spots from her tears. But she had kept every single one.

"...Goddammit, quit being a snoop."

He turned around to see her dizzily sitting upright, holding a hand to her forehead, the other wrapped around her stomach. Her eyes were still closed, as she rubbed at them. "I should have known you were going to be evil and surprise me by coming early...Well, jerkoff, have I got a surprise for you. Open the top drawer on the right side...Read that folded piece of paper."

He did as she said, and blinked at the two words on it. "Six months? The hell does that mean, Kitten?"

"Six more months, and you're gonna be getting up at three in the morning to feed your son or daughter."
7th-Mar-2008 10:57 am - rsvp
"So you're gonna make an honest woman out of my wild child, huh? You're either in for the best years of your life, or some of the worst, if she's anything like her mother."

Jess glared at her husband from the kitchen window as Logan laughed. "I'm hoping the best happen more than the worst. Can't get too bad, with how often she threatens me."

"You would be surprised. Her mother still chases me around the bakery, swinging a rolling pin at me. And from what I've heard her say after reading some of your cards and letters, I don't think I'm gonna get any grandchildren from you two."

Logan couldn't help but wince at that comment instinctively.

"I've lost track of how many times she's said something like that. Maybe she has a complex..."


Kelly fought the urge to get sick again as she made a batch of chocolate ganache. I'm going to shoot him. I can't even look at chocolate without getting nauseous, let alone smell it.

She waved one of the local kids that the family had hired as a favor for a friend over, peeling off her apron. "I feel like shit, so I'm heading home. Keep stirring this until shiny, and put it in the fridge for forty-five minutes, and no longer, you hear?" The boy just nodded, knowing full well of her temper of late. "You listen to Alex, ignore Charlie, and help Calvin and Bry as needed."

She walked out through the back door with her hands on her lower back, wincing slightly. Three months didn't seem that far along, but when one weighed only a hair over 115lbs before, Kelly could feel every single pound. It wasn't much yet, but there was definitely a small bump. At least she could hide it behind her small stash of Logan's shirts that she had brought home from Boston. More like stole, but that was just one of many minor details.

She climbed down into her black mustang, resting her head against the steering wheel for a few minutes as a wave of dizziness passed. "I swear, Kiddo. You're gonna be a pain in my ass just like your Daddy. You get to meet him tomorrow, and we get to watch him foam at the mouth when he faints."

That image alone brought a crooked grin to her face, as she started the car. Just a day more, and he'd be back where he belonged. Right within hands reach. Maybe those hands would end up around his neck, knowing him as his tendency to push her buttons. But a little love squeeze never hurt anyone.

She flipped on the radio using the buttons on the horn of her car, making a face at the commercials on the station she usually listened to. She gave up on the station and hit the button to switch from the radio to the cd player, more than happy to sing along to Amy Winehouse. She may have hated the singer's hair, but the album deserved every award it won.

However, she frowned at the vaguely familiar dark blue car in the driveway. Even more so as it had an out of state liscense plate. She pulled in next to it, and hopped out to walk around to the back of the car. A Massachusetts plate was on it, causing her to let out a shriek before her eyes rolled back into her head, fainting dead away.

"....sounds like she came home from work early."
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